Thursday 12 March 2015

Another Skeleton Warrior Unit Painted

Last week I managed to complete another skeleton warrior unit for the Analogue Painting Challenge.  As with the previous units, I'll be adding metal command figures in the near future.

I'm getting a little more consistent with the shading washes and I'm also finding that I'm getting the figures completed a lot quicker now.  I'm using Rotring Brown ink mixed with Chaos Black paint as the basis for the washes.
With this unit, I decided to add an extra highlight to the bronze on the shields. I prefer these to the shields on the previous unit so once the challenge is complete I'll go back and add highlights to the shields on the other unit to match them in with this one.

I've included a picture of the army below.  The unit on the left has the extra highlight on the shields, the one on the right doesn't.  Which do you prefer?

Next up will be a unit of skeleton cavalry with hand weapons and shields.

Army Progress

29 Skeleton Warriors with Hand Weapons, Shields, Musician and Standard Bearer @ 341 points.
29 Skeleton Warriors with Hand Weapons, Shields, Musician and Standard Bearer @ 341 points.
23 Grim Reapers with Scythe, Light Armour, Musician and Standard Bearer @ 350 points.
10 Skeleton Archers with Hand Weapon and Bow @ 120 points.
9 Death Riders with Hand Weapon , Lance and Shield @ 207 points.
9 Death Riders with Hand Weapon, Light Armour and Shield @ 207 points.

Total Rank & File =  1566 Points.


  1. Great looking unit. I've only dabbled in WHFB - with an Empire army, but enjoy seeing beautiful work like this.

  2. Yum. A really nice looking unit. I like how you used a pale, wintry base to match the cold look of the bone, then touched it off with the matching, blood-red and bronze shields. Looks very sharp!

  3. Great work on those skellies!
    They look really stunning standing together!

    Whole this come-back-enterprise is just brill idea, I am considering sth similar (but I will be coming back only to 5th edition stuff ;-) .)


  4. Most impressive job on the skelettons!

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