Friday, 20 July 2012

Pile of Stuff Now Sorted

The summer is usually a quiet time at work for me so I've finally unpacked all my old Citadel stuff from the 80's. I didn't realise just how much stuff I'd collected and luckily saved over the years.

I'll get some photos over the next week or so of my painted figures (mainly Wood Elves with a few dwarfs and Dark Elves). I was also pleasantly surprised at how many pots of old Citadel paint were still usable after 25 years, these are the original ones that came in boxed sets (Colour, Monster, Creature, etc.). A lucky ebay swoop has filled in the gaps so that I now have a complete set of the original paints and will be using these to paint up the piles of lead and plastic figures I've found.

Another plus is all my old White Dwarf magazines, rule books and scenarios are still in perfect condition. White Dwarf's go from issue 1 right through to issue 180 so cover first, second and third edition of Warhammer along with Rogue Trader.

So the plan is to start painting up all those figures/armies I dreamed about twenty years ago but never got the time. I've decided to start with the undead as I have a couple of the Skeleton Army boxed sets along with a number of metal models. I'll be using WFB 3rd edition for organising all my armies as this was the one I played in my younger days.

I'll post regular updates as these figures/armies progress along with my experiences of using the old paints and inks.

Really looking forward to this project.