Monday, 2 March 2015

Old Citadel Paints

Whilst I was suffering from Flu last weekend I decided to use the time to sort through all my old Citadel paints and transfer them to dropper bottles.  Most of the opened ones were sadly unusable so ended up in the bin.  Luckily, I bought quite a few of the old box sets when the paints were changed over to the hexagonal pots in the 90's.  All of these paints were still in perfect condition and easily poured into the dropper bottles without any sign of lumps or residue, and GW claim the new paints are an improvement.

So, as you can see above I'm now the proud owner of a complete set of 1980's Citadel paints all safely stored in dropper bottles.  This was a real trip down memory lane as the smell of the paints took back thirty years to when I returned from the shops with the Colour and Monster paint sets, some brushes and a box of the Warhammer Fantasy Regiments.

I'm looking forward to using these on some old figures over the next few months.


  1. Congrats sir, old lead painted in original colours?
    The epitome of Oldhammer says I!

  2. Thanks Sean, I'm looking forward to painting with these again once the Analogue Challenge is over. How are your Dwarves coming along?

  3. FANTASTIC !!! I LOVE IT ;-)