Saturday, 28 February 2015

Undead Army - Third Unit Completed

This weeks challenge entry was a unit of 26 skeleton warriors armed with hand weapons and shields.  As with the Grim Reapers the command element will be added later using metal figures.  I've also managed to paint 12 figures for the second unit so these should be finished next week.

I decided to go with a red and bronze aged look for the shields as these colours complement the bone of the skeletons quite nicely.  The red was a real pain as the coverage of the old 'Blood Red' paint is not very good.  In the end I mixed some Blood Red with White and painted the shields pink initially and then went over them again with the red. A wash of Rotring brown ink followed by Blood Red highlights completed the look I was after.

I need to try and get some consistency with the initial wash mix as it currently veers between black and dark brown.  I'll pay more attention to the mix on this going forwards as it would be good to get some consistency I think.

Finally a couple of pictures of the completed figures so far, they're already starting to look like an army.

Next up will be another unit of Skeleton Warriors.

Army Progress

29 Skeleton Warriors with Hand Weapons, Shields, Musician and Standard Bearer @ 341 points.
23 Skeleton Warriors with Hand Weapon, Light Armour, Shield, Musician and Standard Bearer @ 325 points.
23 Grim Reapers with Scythe, Light Armour, Musician and Standard Bearer @ 350 points.
10 Skeleton Archers with Hand Weapon and Bow @ 120 points.
9 Death Riders with Hand Weapon , Lance and Shield @ 207 points.
9 Death Riders with Hand Weapon, Light Armour and Shield @ 207 points.

Total Rank & File =  1550 Points.


  1. Really nice work, this is looking like a fearsome army!

    1. Let's hope it performs as a fearsome army ;o). My experience has always been - the better the looking the army the faster it runs away.

  2. I could never quite decide if those little discs were meant to be a shield boss on the front of the shield, or a spacer on the back so the shield could be positioned more flexibly. I ended up going with spacers, but that spike always leant itself more towards a shield boss....